Back Row (L to R): Tony Loschiavo, Tony Bazzano, Angelo Basilone, Tony Perillo, Nazareno Foti, Frank Vicino
Front row (L to R): Vito Di Gregorio, Joe Gianchino, Frank Conidi, Vince Patti, Pina Conidi
Absent: Frank Loschiavo, Dominic Surace

Our club consists of a Main Committee of Management, a Pensioner’s Committee, Ladies Committee & Saint Nicola Committee.

All are established to help us provide our members, family and friends with the best possible experience when visiting our facilities. Whether it is to enjoy our fabulous food, our wonderful entertainment or just to enjoy a relaxing night with family and friends, our committee will ensure your evening will be a memorable one.

Main Committee Members 2020 - 2021

President: Frank Conidi
Secretary: Angelo Basilone
Treasurer: Vito Di Gregorio
Vice President: Vince Patti
Assistant Secretary: Joe Gianchino
Assistant Treasurer: Frank Loschiavo
Functions Co-ordinator: Pina Conidi

Committee: Tony Bazzano, Nazareno Foti, Tony Loschiavo, Tony Perillo, Domenic Surace, Frank Vicino

Pensioner Committee Members 2020 - 2021

President: Caterina (Kathy) Marino
Treasurer: Vincenzo Marino

Committee: Giuseppe Bortolot, Michele Cutrulla, Anna Loschiavo, Gualtiero Menichelli

S. Nicola Committee Members 2020 - 2021

Chairman: Tony Tamburro
Treasurer: Tony Perillo
Assistant Treasurer: Joe Gianchino
Functions Co-ordinator: Pina Conidi

Committee: Alfonzo Franze, Antonio Loschiavo, Tony Loschiavo, Nazareno Foti, Tony Scuticchio